Project Management SaaS marketing

“Incredo has worked diligently with our marketing department, improving our online presence and providing high quality content for our audience.”


- Vadim K., CEO - Easy Projects

About the Client

Easy Projects is a product developed by Logic Software Inc., a Toronto-based custom software development company. Back in 2003, when Logic Software Inc. needed a project management system for their own use, they were disappointed by the available options.

This marked the beginning of their project management software, Easy Projects. Although Logic Software Inc. initially created the product for their own needs, Easy Projects soon gained popularity among Logic Software’s existing customers, who in turn asked them to sell their own project management software so they could use it both internally and with their external customers. Thus began Easy Projects’ launch into the commercial market.

Easy Projects results

The Challenge

Easy Projects needed traffic increase in a short period of time. The main goal of the Company was 50% increase of their website traffic in 6 months. One of the main needs was increase of the number of sales qualified leads to boost their Sales. Easy Projects strongly needed a new approach to their marketing strategy, specifically, Blog design, Content Strategy and Social Media Strategy. Easy Projects also had lack of proper content strategy that would make them one of the leaders in Project Management Software Industry.

How Incredo Helped

  •         Persona Development
  •         Keyword Research
  •         Blogging
  •         Unique Content Offers
  •         Buyer’s Journey improvement
  •         Social Media Strategy
  •         Lead Generation
  •         New Offerings

Results in 3 months

Easy Projects results

  •         Leads Increase 260%
  •         Website Traffic Increase 50%
  •         Organic Search Growth +37%
  •         Average Submission Rate +56%
  •         Over 44% Average Conversion Rates


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