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Web Application Design and Development Project

About the Client

Backtocart is a web-based application for maximizing ecommerce sales.The application is powered by an immense library of customizable templates and easy-to-use design tools. They enable ecommerce websites to create eye-catching, user-reactive lightboxes and display them at the right moment to grab the user’s attention with enticing offers. Big data analysis tools integrated in the platform allow companies to monitor and enhance the efficiency of their marketing campaigns.

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In the ecommerce world, driving traffic to websites is only half the battle. With conversion rates ranging between 1% and 3%, online stores have to put a lot of effort to capture quality leads. Besides delivering value to shoppers, they need to offer personalized experiences to their users to inspire them to take action. Another major challenge faced by ecommerce websites is cart abandonment. Online shoppers are fickle - many of them just browse and research ecommerce websites, add a few items into their carts and leave without checking out. To help online stores overcome these challenges, our client needed a software development company which could design a custom web application for conversion optimization.



Having Backtocart’s vision in mind, we designed and developed a cloud-based custom app from scratch. It can be seamlessly integrated into any ecommerce website to accurately track lost sales data, analyse the reasons for cart abandonment through smart analytics system and offer solutions to recapture lost income. We created a great library of fully-editable, drag and drop templates to help the app users design professional, responsive lightboxes for any industry. We used Node.js Meteor framework to design a system which allows to create personalized lightboxes based on the visitor’s language, geolocation and weather conditions. Our developers built an exit intent detection system which enables to track visitor behaviour on ecommerce websites and win back their attention with well-timed incentives. Then we deployed on-site marketing tools, including interactive live chats where the tool users can not only provide customer support but also display offers and deals to fuel visitor engagement.

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