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Hubspot Integration Project Overview

About the Client

GatherContent is a platform that allows to easily manage website content creation workflow, bringing your content team together in a single collaboration platform and eliminating the struggle of shared worksheets, folders and emails. It provides the opportunity to smoothly migrate the approved content to CMSs like WordPress, Kentico, Drupal, and finally Hubspot, which was integrated into the platform by Incredo.

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Despite providing a great platform and tools for content workflow management, GatherContent didn’t have a HubSpot integration. As a result, the app users who either looked to move to Hubspot CMS or keep their HubSpot website updated, had to put a lot of effort and man-hours into manual migration, copying and pasting hundreds of pages of content from one place into another and having to face the human error factor. So GatherContent reached out to us to help them automate the HubSpot content migration process for their users.

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Before kickstarting the integration project, Incredo’s team created user stories to break down the work into smaller chunks and set the key deliverables of the project. Then our developers integrated the platform with Hubspot CMS and did a number of testings to ensure failsafe functionality. Now GatherContent’s users can import content from the application to their Hubspot website and blog and update the migrated content directly in Hubspot.

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