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Join Card was ready to hit the market when they noticed a critical obstacle. The discount card industry faces a serious user retention problem. For Join Card to be successful, they needed to face this issue head on. Many customers use their discount card early on, but decline until using their discount card becomes a rare occurrence. The biggest challenges lie in providing these customers with an easy way to confirm their balance and find businesses that support the discount card.

Incredo knew that something had to be done to connect with these customers and to improve their digital experience. After all, they did want to use the card, the process just wasn’t always intuitive. We assessed the situation closely, considering both the needs of the customer and the businesses who support them.

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About the Client

Join Card is more than a discount service provider, they’re in the business of improving customer relationships. The app’s goal is to provide intuitive ways for local businesses to reward Join Card app users with points and discounts. Join Card gives incentive for customers to keep coming back to support these businesses.

We found that many of the card holders needed some way of tracking their rewards. Our team determined the best way to meet these modern expectations was with a one-of-a-kind app for Join Card users.

The application would need to address multiple obstacles to make a difference. The customers need a way to check their balance quickly. They also need a way to find businesses that will accept their discount card. Lastly, businesses who use Join Card need administrative tools to support their customers and take advantage of the discount services they provide.

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Our team at Incredo is always ready to step up to the challenge. The solution we created for Join Card is an incredibly versatile, cross-platform ecosystem. Mobile compatibility is a necessity—according to a survey by ReportLinker, 46% of smartphone users check their phone immediately after waking up. When developing the platform, we had to make certain it was mobile ready for both iOS and Android. It not only brings Join Card up to speed with modern expectations, but also provides solutions to their biggest challenges. The platform can be separated into three major components.

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1. The Consumer Discount App

This interface allows Join Card customers to check their balance any time they want. They can also use this app to track down any local businesses who accept Join Card. Our team developed this app using React Native. This tool saved the team valuable time and delivered incredible end results. The app works very smooth and robust for Android as well as for iOS devices.

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2. The Partner App

This app was designed for Join Card business partners. We created a wide variety of store management tools to help manage discounts, process bonus transactions, and organize partners. The platform also provides notification tools so businesses can reach their customers with custom announcements. Incredo was able to provide this system to Join Card using Heroku and ReactJS development tools.

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3. User Management Panel

This system was created with administrators in mind. Businesses need control when it comes to managing their Join Card profiles and rewards. The User Management Panel allows partners to restrict access to necessary personnel, providing much needed security measures.

Our team tackled the biggest obstacle in the discount card industry with this new development. Not only did we beat the deadlines provided, Incredo gave Join Card a serious advantage in their industry. If you're looking to gain a competitive edge, you need an experienced team that can conquer today's marketing demands. Incredo knocks out expectations by using innovative management solutions, flexible technology, and reliable teamwork.


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