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Tourism Ge-Ar

iOS And Android Native App Development Project

About Client

Tourism GeAr is a travel application aimed at unlocking the potential of cross-border tourism development in South Caucasus, specifically between Armenia and Georgia. It helps travellers discover the unique culture and natural wonders of the region, meanwhile improving the living conditions and facilitating multicultural dialogue in the bordering regions. Read on to see how Incredo team created the application


South Caucasus is a region with breathtaking natural treasures, unique architecture, rich culture and strong code of hospitality. Over the recent years, tourism has dramatically developed in the area, but some rural communities are still facing poverty and unemployment. Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan NGO, in cooperation with Kvemo Kartli Intra Ethnic Union, Eurasia Partnership Foundation Armenia and International Center for Caucasus Tourism launched a project to bring new opportunities to near-border communities of Armenia and Georgia and help travellers discover the region’s uncharted treasures. The challenge was to develop a mobile application that would make it easy for the travellers to find the non-materialistic touristic assets, covering all that one can see and experience in the region. The interactive app had to cover local wineries, B2Bs, restaurants, art studios, workshops and offer thematic tour options to travellers.


Excited with the prospect of turning the region into a thriving tourist center, Incredo team got the project off the ground. First we created user stories to better understand the needs of travellers and the difficulties they could face when exploring tourism opportunities in the region. We wireframed the application, planning its layout and functionality, next the design team did their best to create a smooth UX in the app. We developed the server-side, using Mongodb.

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