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21 SaaS Startups to Watch Out For

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the new oil of the IT industry. If you define simply, it is nothing but a simple business model where a company sells software to other companies or individual users in a web-based format or on a cloud-based platform. It means that the customers will not have to wait for the hardware to arrive or for the patches to be installed on request.

It also means that a user will get automatic upgrades, making the operating system of the software bug-free, getting upgraded to new plans within a few seconds, and even customizing a web-based application according to the emerging needs.

Imagine the essence of SaaS in the contemporary businesses operations of the companies operating locally or globally. This is a revolutionary idea that will kick the software package products off the competition as it will add immense convenience in terms of availability, scalability, up-gradation, and flexibility.

The Future with SaaS

We all know that cloud technology is going to be the next best thing after the invention of the internet. It is in fact the backbone of SaaS services. The expected growth of these services across the world is expected to cross US$ 623.3 Billion by the end of 2023. Imagine the potential of SaaS services in the IT industry. The emergence of this type of service will lead to a huge market revolution offering extreme flexibility and convenience to choose a product from a plethora of service models.

Companies and users from all over the world will be able to access any kind of software even from the remotest locations. The only thing they need is a proper internet connection. The rest of the story will be written by itself. If you consider a few examples then you can understand the impact of SaaS in the modern-day world.

Netflix, one of the biggest names in the OTT entertainment segment, is a SaaS brand. Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite are two of the most prominent names of office software used these days. Let us take a quick look into the top 21 SaaS companies and startups to look for in the upcoming years.

21 SaaS Startups


This is a newborn SaaS startup company that offers cyber security services to its clients. It mitigates the risks of data leakage and breaches by analyzing the current solutions used by the clients and focus on identifying and eliminating invisible threats.

It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to look for potential threats and can easily identify the breaches or cyber-attacks before happening. This type of service saves the clients from big losses before they can happen.

  1.     Eqtble

This is an American company offering HR solutions on a cloud-based operating platform. It is also driven by AI and helps businesses to gain more insights into the betterment of HR operations. The platform of this company is used by companies for equity, diversity, and inclusivity.

  1.     Fuse Autotech

This is also an American startup founded in the year 2020 that provides services related to online car dealerships and transactions. It has created a common platform where car dealers and buyers can meet to exchange information, transact, and buy cars. The platform offers a seamless experience for both onsite and online modes.

  1.     Phyllo

This is a California-based SaaS service provider that focuses on creating APIs that enable users to gather insights and data from the aspect of the creator’s economy. It means that its APIs can be installed easily in the browsers or in a suitable format to find out the economic value of creators. This is quite helpful as a metric system to measure the outcome of content created by Tiktokers, YouTubers, Instagramers, etc. The influencers will use this platform to find the right figures and to make informed decisions.

  1.     ClickUp

This is another California-based famous startup providing exceptional workplace tools that help in collaborating between teams. The prime aim of this company is to provide a unique platform where companies or teams from different domains can collaborate and cooperate using tools such as Dropbox, Slack, GitHub, etc. In a nutshell, it helps users to switch from one app to the other very fast.

  1.     BCN3D

This is a Barcelona-based SaaS company that offers exceptional solutions related to 3D printers. This service is specifically designed for the manufacturing and engineering industries. This company is also hired by the education sector companies. BCN3D Cura and BCN3D Cloud are the prime web-based platforms popular among users.

  1.     Backbone AI

This is a SaaS company that focuses on strengthening the vertebral column of the eCommerce platforms and production companies. They help users to track and manage data related to warehouse and inventory. This platform can be easily integrated with an ERP system offering real-time insights into inventory management.

  1.     StackHawk

This is a unique startup that provides tools for app development. HawkScan is one such tool that enables an app developer to look for security bugs in an application. These tools also show how to deal with the identified problems and issues.

  1.     Messagely

A SaaS company hailing from Las Vegas, the USA focuses on customer satisfaction services. We all know that customer satisfaction is the prime element of any service these days. Messagely provides a platform to message, acquire, engage, and support customers. It offers chatbot services to different products and service industries.

  1. Aditus

This startup is unique in providing developer and web tools. This SaaS platform scrutinizes websites and finds out the issues. It also provides solutions to the issues and make the online presence perfect in terms of website architecture. This startup reduces the workload of designers and developers to a considerable extent.

  1. Archbee

Archbee is a smart SaaS startup that focuses on creating proper documents for all kinds of industries. It has addressed the biggest problem of handling a huge volume of documents by providing easy solutions to record and manage files. Its API is easy to integrate to create docs, changelogs, tables, etc.

  1. Funnelll

Funnelll is an interesting SaaS startup that focuses on tracking how your online advertisement performance is. Your ad campaigns can be tracked, measured, and optimized using this cloud-based platform. It can also track and share actions taken by customers with proper data-backed reports.

  1. Superproof

Imagine your notification templates can interact with the website audience. This is what Superproof does. Its SaaS service rotates around creating templates that interact with the website audiences. It offers more than 39 templates that can be used for selling products and for gathering feedback from users.

  1. SmartKarrot

SmartKarrot is a customer success platform empowered with an account intelligence engine that prevents customer churn & drives revenue expansion. The product is robust, stable & loaded with features such as account intelligence, early warning system, customer health score, product adoption analytics, touchpoints, automated playbooks, onboarding, feedback, and many more.

It enables the CSM teams to automate and scale product adoption and success operations at ease. It caters to the executives with real-time truthful data to make informed decisions for the adoption strategy and revenue management.

  1. Video Jaguar

Which are the elements that make a visual representation more engaging for an audience? The answer is provided by Video Jaguar. It produces interactive and stimulating videos and images for marketing, slideshows, YouTube ads, and Facebook ads. The online tools it offers are enough for creating remarkable videos and images for such purposes.

  1. Tabled

This is a UK-based SaaS startup that focuses on organizing workflow in legal services. It is hard for the legal advisors to keep track of the documents and other elements related to legal matters. This startup offers a brilliant platform to manage such elements for hassle-free execution of legal services.

  1. Payvoice

As we proceed to the next revolution of the digital world, we will need a platform that manages user subscriptions. A service provider will get immense help from Payvoice by creating new subscription plans, guiding manual billing, and providing service tools for subscription management. It can be used to resolve billing issues perfectly.

  1. Supercode

This New York-based SaaS company offers services to generate QR codes. You can now make QR codes on your own for delivering product information, accepting payments, encoding the company’s online presence, social media profiles, etc.

  1. Descra

This Polish startup offers an innovative web-based platform that can generate content very fast. It makes content creation much easier for content creators. There is no need to write multiple and repetitive contents when you can use this SaaS. It is ideal for writing product descriptions and creating multiple copies of SEO content.

  1. ExhibitDay

This startup provides an excellent digital platform where you can manage your resources related to trade shows and exhibitions. It can also track ROI, shows generated revenue, and track leads.

  1. Zeevou

Zeevou has created a remarkable SaaS product that can be used in hospitality management perfectly. It streamlines various aspects of hospitality management such as booking, communication, accounting, guest vetting, etc.

Final words

These are the prime 21 SaaS startups and companies that are revolutionizing specific industries by easing business operations. These cloud-based solutions are ideal for conducting businesses in different genres thus making products and services better for all. Keep an eye on these SaaS startups and watch how they grow in the upcoming years.

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