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SaaS Development

11. 07. 2018

5 Qualities to Look for When Outsourcing ReactJS for your SaaS



Outsourcing has been taking over global markets in recent years and shows no signs of stopping yet. By offering lower prices and high quality in a variety of fields, more and more people are opting to outsource projects and jobs because of the proven benefits. As with anything else, you need to make sure you’re putting the task in the right hands when outsourcing your web development. For that reason, we’re going to go over 5 qualities you should keep an eye on when outsourcing your ReactJS app development.


Visual Evidence


web designer portfolio


Don’t be a victim of shrewd marketing and advertising tactics by accepting the service merely based on reviews. Whether you are planning to work with an individual freelancer or an agency, ask for a portfolio and even sample links. Especially with SaaS apps, you want to make sure the app is fully functioning and user-friendly. This will greatly help you understand if the skill-set of who you are outsourcing to aligns with your vision and needs.


Quality, Quantity, or Both?


meeting with outsourced react js developers


While maintaining high quality is crucial, web development also relies on the idea of constantly broadening horizons. Don’t be hesitant to ask what other frameworks, libraries, and programs the developer has a solid grasp of. For example, when outsourcing ReactJS for your SaaS app, if the developer is only skilled in that and not much of anything else, the situation isn’t ideal. Do they know the difference between the competitors of ReactJS? Are they aware of what features are only executable by ReactJS and not in Angular, or vice versa? This will give you a better understanding of who to outsource your web development to.


Written in Ink


signing of a contract


Whether you’re outsourcing your web development to a company across the street or in another country, always be legally secure. Agree on mutual pricing terms, deadlines, and specific services with a proper contract to avoid problematic situations in the long-run. This will prevent you in case of irresponsible management or late delivery during the course of the project. Managing projects merely with friendly agreements and promises are likely to leave you hanging in the end.


Amateur or Pro?


developer showing his skills


This may seem like a given, but make sure the developer you are trusting has practical knowledge of using ReactJS and all of its features. For example, if they don’t have a steady grasp of the reusable components, then it will take them longer to complete the project and may even charge you more because of the additional hours spent on that. Especially since outsourcing web development has become common on a worldwide scale, you need to be wary of different levels of experience available in the market.


The Dream Team



successful teamwork

When spending time, money, and resources on a project, you want to make sure that you’re leaving it in the hands of someone who is trustworthy. If you’re deciding to hire a freelance group of web developers or leaving it in the hands of the agency, ask for as much info as possible. This includes asking for portfolios, individual skills and experience in the field, and roles in the group. Usually an agency will provide you with a project manager to overlook the course of the work being carried out. If not, then freely ask who will be in charge of managing the team. It’s valuable to also find out how many projects the team has completed together, if any at all. A group of people who have experience working together are more efficient than a group which was just recently put together and have counteracting working methods.


Even if it’s not your first time outsourcing a project, look out for all of the above-mentioned to make sure you have the best experience and receive the quality you deserve.



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