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5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Campaigns Aren’t Working

You have probably noticed how many businesses opened social media pages during the last few years. The reason is that there were some success stories of few businesses and everyone thought that it is just enough to be present in Facebook in order to have successful business. Because of so much business pages in social media networks, businesses must work very hard in order to catch people’s attention. The best way is to create some entertaining campaigns, as a mean of interacting with users. Sometimes these campaigns open many doors for businesses, but sometimes they just fail. Here are 5 reasons why your Facebook campaigns are not working.



1.You do not offer something valuable


People use Facebook in order to have fun, to interact with others and in order to enjoy their time. They won’t be interested in your business, until you offer them something valuable. In order for them to interact with your business, they must find something unique in you. You must offer content that nobody else can offer, you should offer them valuable things, that they can’t find anywhere else and you must fulfill their needs better than others. So, make sure that your offer is relevant to your business and to the interests of your potential customers.


2. You are not always present


There are many businesses that are present on Facebook only when they have something to sell to their customers. There are many posts for a month, but then they disappear until their next offer. But this is not how you should keep your Facebook page. You should always post some content in your page, even if you don’t have anything to sell right at that moment. In addition, when there is something to sell, make sure to keep the balance between promotional and interesting content, in order to not make your users feel overwhelmed.


3. You are not following your users


In order to create interest among your followers and keep them engaged, you must show that you are interested in them and that they are more important for you than your own business. For the beginning, try to just reply to all the comments and posts related to you on time. In addition, when they buy something from you, try to follow them up and see whether they have any complaints or concerns.




4. Your content is loading slow


Does your site load max in three seconds? If no, it means that you are going to lose your customers, if you haven’t already lost them. The reason is that recent researches show that 50% of users quit the website/page if it does not load in less than three seconds. So, if you want to keep your customers in your page, make sure to post those websites/content that would load very fast and won’t make your customers to wait for a lifetime.


5. You have too much expectations


You may think that your Facebook campaigns are failing, but it can be wrong. The reason is that when you run a campaign, you have some unrealistic expectations. You may think that after 1 month, your company would be on the top and everyone would talk about it. However, if you want to have such results, you must work very hard and 1 campaign is not enough for you. If you do some research, you will see that before becoming famous, the successful companies did hundreds of campaigns.


So, here are the main 5 reasons why your Facebook campaigns are not working. Did you notice any other reason during your practice on social media networks? If so, please share them with us in the comments below.


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