Business Development Specialist

Team Description

The Business Development & Sales Team at Incredo works closely with Incredo’s strategy team  to drive key strategic initiatives, address critical business challenges, and develop and execute strategies that drive opportunities in business. Incredo’s team also works with external partners across the business ecosystem to build new sales channels and project opportunities.


Daily Business Development and Sales duties involve:

- Research, obtain and analyze inbound leads

- Set up sales nurturing processes with inbound leads and move them through sales funnels

- Design and develop sales plans to accelerate sales growth

- Using Incredo's pricing calculator to generate appropriate offers to potential clients

- Strategize ways to reach sales targets

- Analyze pricing and profitability of various categories

- Clear understanding of sales pipeline management

- Work together with customers and staff members to develop up-selling strategies


- Master’s degree in business administration, business management, or other related fields of study

- Good understanding of general business procedures, including sales and marketing operations, inbound marketing, web technologies, etc.

- Ability to communicate effectively and clearly, both written and verbal

- Perfect knowledge of English

- Comfortable with working during out of schedule hours

Interested candidates should send their resume to