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THE MAIN CHALLENGE – Increase conversion rates and number of visitors 


See how we helped increase the number of visitors and conversion rate.

User Growth
Conversion rate
Mark Taggart,
CEO, Create eLearning
"Incredo was responsible for organizing our messaging, starting with our most profitable area, organizations looking for a learning management systems. They've created compelling content for that area as well as all the social postings. It's been an awesome experience. Incredo has executed everything in a very professional way. They've delivered on time and met our expectations"

About the Client

Create eLearning is a technology platform that makes it easy for any organization or instructor to build classes online and to deliver real-world training to anybody, anywhere, on any device. The instructor can then track all classes, report on progress, and track certificates, then run all coaching and mentoring activities as a SAAS [software as a service] company.


They provide also Educational and training software solutions for certifications and trainings for different start-ups, businesses and even governmental organizations.


The Challenge


 The challenge was to provide Create Elearning with high traffic and also increase conversion rate.


They didn't have a large number of visitors, conversion rates were very low and also they didn't have leads for their business.


Social Media Marketing was done on the low level which was another big problem.

The client's background has been as head of sales and marketing at a number of businesses. During the last five years, they have gotten to know HubSpot as a methodology. So during the last years they were looking for an inbound marketing company that would deliver content rapidly, understand our business, understand their customers, understand their SEO [search engine optimization], and then execute on all of that.


That's a large volume of inbound marketing content that only a professional agency could go ahead and handle.


The challenge is getting marketers who are not frightened of saying no to what we currently offer and put forward compelling reasons for why they want to go in a particular direction.


As the client mentioned in the interview: ''It requires a very strong and firm hand for someone to say that when we look at the data from our research, it would argue this approach. I don't know where to go with that so I just say that we'll have to go with your way.''




How Incredo Helped



 Incredo started working with Create eLearning in January 2016.

At that point Create eLearning wasn’t utilizing social media at its finest level, wasn’t producing targeting blog posts neither offers to convert visitors into leads to meet the final goal - close them into customers. Incredo team conducted thorough research to understand the target audience, industry trends, competitors etc. and came up with a working strategy to solve all these problems. 

We designed a new website and blog for Create Learning which helped us grow conversion rate by 10% and during four months number of users per month grew up to 5000.

Incredo was responsible for organizing our messaging, starting with our most profitable area, organizations looking for a learning management systems.

Our team has created compelling content for that area as well as all the social postings. The client's internal outbound marketing team then was assigned to repurpose that content, send out to approximately 100,000 addresses.


The client's PR specialist made sure that the e-books and all of the materials that might be of interest to their market are pushed through his key opinion leaders and press channel. All of this was working perfectly! 




Social Media Marketing and Blog




 In just 2,5 months Twitter impression number reached 34200 impressions and profile visits became 1000+ which was a great start. Incredo has designed and changed Create Learning's website and Blog.


With deep research Incredo has created interesting content for Create Learning's Blog which helped to increase conversion rate. 5000 visitor per day was achieved by implementing all these solutions.


By the time we get to September, we will probably be close to a 10 percent conversion rate, which is what we're aiming for. We're also aiming for 5,000 visitors to our website per month. If we hit those two metrics, then we'll be there, and I'm confident we'll do that.



Social Media Leads
Organic Leads
Jan 2016
Feb 2016
March 2016
April 2016
  • Website Reviews +124%
  • Converted leads per month +20%
  • User growth+250%
  • Twitter impressions +300%
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