Digital Marketing for Outsourcing Firm Success Story

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THE MAIN CHALLENGE – Generate inbound leads to produce better content and be more sophisticated about SEO and paid search.


See how we changed the Buyer personas which resulted in 250% more qualified leads generated monthly 

More Qualified Leads

Hugh Morgan

Vice President of Sales and Marketing
"Incredo is very well organized. They're very responsive and achieve all of our marketing targets quickly. We're a technology company, so we have short attention spans. They're good about that and really want to get on with the steps. I'd recommend them"

About the Client

Accelerance is an American outsourcing advisory firm that connects companies looking to outsource with the most talented software development teams on the planet. Only Accelerance travels the world to verify and certify the technical skills, industry expertise, and business practices of onshore, offshore and near shore software outsourcing companies. Accelerance has a large network of more than 50 high-end, and highly focused software development companies all over the world, in more than 30 countries.



The Challenge



Accelerance migrated to HubSpot for their marketing platform and wanted to grow their business and lead generation process. For this, they needed Incredo to Implement Inbound Marketing Methodology. They wanted to get better at generating Qualified inbound leads. The content of Accelerance was not generating leads specified for their business, and in order to improve these statistics. Accelerance wanted to produce better content and have a more sophisticated SEO and paid search. In the process it was clear that Accelerance also needed a redesigned Website.



How Incredo Helped



Accelerance was searching for an Inbound Marketing Agency to amend their marketing strategy. and help generate more leads. Incredo started with the creation of a new Buyer Persona, which, for Inbound marketing is very crucial for success.

Redesigning and developing the Accelerance website was another huge step for a successful campaign. Incredo worked with Accelerance on a monthly basis in order to handle all Inbound Marketing, Social Media, Website, and Content for the company.






After Incredo adjusted their Buyer Persona, statistics were significantly improved. Analytics show that before receiving Incredo’s services, 10 percent of new leads were ideal buyers, but with the help of Incredo, ideal leads grew to over 25 percent.  Incredo made a significant shift in the lead profile.



Number of Qualified Leads grew about 250% during 3 months
  • March
  • 50
  • April
  • 100
  • May
    • 10%
    • 15%
    • 20%
    • 25%
    • 30%
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