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26 Stars
26 Stars
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THE MAIN CHALLENGE – Increase the number of quality leads in the shortest timeframe possible.


See how we helped increase the number weekly visits to the website by 400% and manage every aspect of their Inboud Marketing campaign.

Weekly visits
Qualified Leads
Carmela Lane
Creative Director 26 Stars
"Incredo's dedication and the amount of effort they put in stand out. In many respects, they've gone above and beyond. They've tried to make this work and have done a good job with that."
About the Client

26 Stars was created to provide a higher yet more visceral level of entertainment, costuming, and event experience.
The client's designs and ultra-high-end performers clad to embody a particular theme will place you and your guests into the picture. 26 Stars get everyone talking.
For festivals, weddings, private events, and holiday revelries, the client custom-designs one-of-a-kind costumes that dazzle.


26 Stars, has a team of choreographers, costume designers, makeup artists, prop masters, and versatile talents who elevate costumes and entertainment to the definitive level.

The company's vision is to elevate performance, costume design, and props to a level you would expect to see in film or on stage for your event.


The Challenge

26 Stars wanted more business. Generally, business in high-end events industry is generated by word of mouth, and what we were looking here to do was create something that was a little bit more metric-based and much more scalable.


Incredo is responsible for setting up an inbound marketing campaign via HubSpot to create more leads for 26 Stars. Our team have been doing everything for managing every aspect of that campaign.

26 Stars did not have any social networks activity, blogs or offers or other types of Inbound activities.




They were not much familiar with Inbound Marketing Methodology and HubSpot and Incredo have used all the possible ways to implement Inbound Marketing.

Every single aspect of the campaign was managed by Incredo which and after a deep research to understand company’s buyer personas, competitors and industry itself, 26 Stars started the processes which brought to incredible results.




How Incredo Helped



Only 3 months of work with 26 Stars Incredo has achieved considerably big changes. Traffic to the website has grown up to 3000 visits. But what is the most important part is that those visits were mostly qualified lead.

In 3 months 253 qualified leads were already converted which is significant growth and highlights that marketing strategy was on the right track. 



Social Media Marketing and Blog



In just 3 months, 26 Start's monthly Twitter Impressions number reached 38,200 and profile visits were +2000, which is great results not only for the event industry companies but also at the inbound marketing point of view. With Incredo's group activities on LinkedIn, we were able to get thousands of visits on our blog, as well as hundreds of leads and SQLs.


With Incredo's Google Adwords certified team, we were able to make a step further and do perfect online advertising campaigns as well which attracted a lot of 26 Star's Leads and SQLs. And this refers to Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and more!



The growth of the direct traffic to the website and increase in number of qualified leads
  • February
  • 50
  • March
  • 100
  • April
    • 0%
    • 100%
    • 200%
    • 300%
    • 400%
Qualified Leads
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