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b2b senior care saas Client Success Story
Savii Care
Senior Care SaaS Company • https://www.savii.care/

THE MAIN CHALLENGE – Increase the number of quality leads in the shortest timeframe possible.


See how we helped increase the number of leads from social media by 1100% in one month and also boosted visitor to lead conversions by 494%.

Social Media Visits
Social Media Leads
Visit to Lead Conversion Rate
Michelle Harper
Michelle Harper,
CEO, Akili Software, Inc
''As a new software startup, partnering with an inbound marketing company who was Hubspot Certified and where I could see a quick ROI was mission critical. When I found Incredo, I found such a partner. In just a few months, Incredo has worked magic with our inbound marketing strategies. Website visits quadrupled and warm leads generated that our team actually closed. The Incredo team is top-notch, professional, goes the second mile, and truly becomes a partner in helping you achieve your inbound marketing and content goals. Akili Software looks forward to working with this team for many years.''
About The Client
Savii Care is a web based software designed to simplify the work of home care managers and senior care providers. By simplifying the managing work, Savii Care allows companies to spend less time on paperwork and formalities and focus on providing exceptional care for their patients.
The senior care industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the US. With the number of seniors in the US on the rise (40 million people aged 65 and above in 2010 and presenting 13% of the US population, by 2050 projected to reach 20.9% of population), more and more elder people need help and care with each passing year and naturally, home care agencies struggle with the management of the amount of increasing workload.
Savii Care saw the opportunity and challenge to develop a software for home care agencies that would help them deal with the increasing workload easily and focus on improving their services.
As a SaaS company, Savii Care was looking for an inbound marketing partner to fill in the gaps in their business and increase their revenue.
The Challenge
Savii Care needed to increase the number of sales qualified leads and quality traffic to keep up with the plan they had in mind. As a fast growing startup, Savii Care needed a determined and enthusiastic inbound marketing partner like Incredo that would deliver high quality results, in the shortest time frames possible. Savii Care also lacked a consistent content strategy that would make them stand out from the grey mass of other companies providing the same service.
How Incredo Helped
The first step that we took towards implementing inbound was to perform a thorough analysis of the current situation and improve the user experience and optimize the website of Savii Care. Incredo analyzed all traffic sources, existing content, social media presence and determined the KPIs for the business.
Incredo also helped identify buyer personas, find relevant social media channels, understand their communication style, tone and voice, create a concise buyer’s journey and define the decision making processes.
After fully understanding the existing problems and focusing on the weak points, which were social media presence and visitor to lead conversion rates, Incredo developed an individually tailored social media and content strategy to increase quality traffic and leads.
Content Optimization & Generation
The next step was full, detailed optimization of existing content. Incredo developed compelling landing pages for the existing offers of Savii Care and enhanced their blog with powerful CTAs that drove conversion rates up as well as providing a focus on keywords to improve search engine rankings.
Incredo also generated more quality content and offers for the business based on the competition, industry analysis and buyer personas focusing on their pain points and continuously providing value to potential buyers.
Social Media
Incredo helped establish Savii Care as a thought leader in the industry, by continuously sharing targeted, valuable, educational content via social media channels and increased the engagement with the company in different groups and communities on various social media networks including G+, LinkedIn and Facebook.
Personalized Emails
Incredo developed a unique email marketing strategy for Savii Care. Each email sent to prospects was based on their individual preferences, time spent on certain pages,
needs and demands.

The combined efforts of high professionalism, teamwork and inbound approach including social media strategy, personalized emails, content optimization and specific, targeted content generation helped boost website visits from social media by 164% and overall quality traffic by 15%.

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With the quality of content going up, the visit to lead conversion rate jumped by 494% and the amount of leads generated from social media went as high as 1100% in one month.
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Inbound has helped Savii Care increase the traffic to their website, boost brand awareness on social media and generated more quality leads. Moreover, it’s important to attract not just random traffic, but high quality traffic, which was exactly the case with Savii Care.  
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