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Introducing Unlimited Book Program for Incredo Employees

Posted by Pavel Aramyan on Mar 20, 2015 1:32:00 PM

Today we are launching a new  program for Incredo employees. From now on every employee at Incredo will be able to place unlimited orders of books, audiobooks and other learning materials about business, management, marketing and psychology completely free of charge that will be purchased by the company and delivered to them. Just add it to our appropriate Trello task list and the orders will magically show up in your Amazon Kindle account or at office within a week. No muss, no fuss. No expense sheets.


Here at Incredo we focus on creating the most comfortable and friendly working environment our employees can experience. Our corporate culture revolves around learning and joy that people take in their everyday work. We believe that every single company that is looking to be at the top of their business has to invest into their employee delight in order to have loyal and satisfied team members. Multiple studies show that a company with satisfied employees achieves higher results in every aspect of their business versus a company with regular employees. Think about it this way, if you have to do something, whatever it might be, you will do it better if you are in a good mood, right? Satisfied and delighted employees represent your culture and company in the world at large. 


The role of education for an inbound marketer

Nowadays marketing trends have shifted greatly. Some 10-15 years ago marketing was all about simply selling more products to more people more frequently for more money, now its all about educating your customers by providing quality content and helping them decide themselves why they want to become Your customers and spend their hard earned money  with you. But who creates this quality content? They are people just like us, probably sitting in an office somewhere and brainstorming about how to educate and guide their visitors and potential customers and show the values that a company offers in order to establish an exciting and fun business relationship. But what about their own education? They need to be educated themselves in order to educate potential customers and in today’s world everything changes so rapidly that every day you learn something new about your business. This is especially true about inbound marketing above all else. In order to continue providing educational, high quality content, the content creators must be well informed about the content they are going to create in the first place.

The value of employees

Company employees are not worth less than leads, contacts or customers. In fact they are more worthy. They are people just like everybody else, who go out with friends after their work is done, socialize, participate in various events, all in one word – live. Think about how many friends and family members will find out about your company’s awesome culture and a single great story will be told from network to network for days. One thing to understand is that its not just about the salary, its about the emotional engagement. Every satisfied employee brings significant value to your company and small, even tiny things can strengthen your relationship and improve your company status in public overall.

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Content manager at Incredo. I am a doctor who happens to have an MBA degree and generates content for an inbound agency. I am a do-it-all kind of person: When I am not writing, I am busy curing people, when I am not curing people, I tend to kill WCG competitions. Life is fun, and full of wonders: Do what you enjoy most, even if its everything at once

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