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Our #SelfieMelfie Campaign and What Makes Our Team Unique

Posted by Pavel Aramyan on Aug 6, 2015 7:43:00 AM

Our team at Incredo has undertaken an Instagram campaign where each person has to take a #selfie on a specific day and add a fun/interesting fact about him/her before posting on IG. The order of appearance was decided with a straw poll, when each person randomly picked a closed envelop with somebody’s name inside.


We have some very talented people working here at Incredo. We all come from different backgrounds and different interests, but have been joined together by Inbound Marketing and a common goal: Become the best inbound agency in our region and be competitive worldwide. Incredo is only 1 year old, but already got a promising future. With all the hard work that is invested into the company every day and the enthusiasm of employees towards their mission, we are surely aiming for success.

Diversity is an inseparable part of our team. Consisting of 11 people and coming from all kinds of different backgrounds, our team members have gathered here to pursue their dreams. Economists, MBAs, Doctors, Psychologists, Architects, Linguists have been united with their passion towards Inbound Marketing and as sure as the sun rising in the east, the diversity will grow as our team expands.

All of our team members are young and energetic. Despite averaging around 20-22 years old, each person has already traveled a significant distance in their career paths and with each passing day, becoming better at his/her job.

We are a result driven team that puts client satisfaction above everything else and ensures we always meet our project goals and go beyond. Nothing here is impossible to accomplish, since one never feels alone. If there is an issue that an employee can’t solve him/herself, somebody from our team surely has the answer and will help out. The supportive, family like environment is keeping the bonds tight and anxiety at bay.

Our IG Campaign

Recently, we undertook our first IG campaign and yesterday it finished! The terms were that each person posts his/her picture to Instagram with a short description of themselves and a fun/interesting fact. Every person could use his/her own hashtags and no permission to edit the post. Based on the number of likes, the winner would be decided and get a prize from all of our team.

Before revealing the results, I want to introduce you with our team members.

Artash Arakelyan (CEO and Founder)

Favorite Quote: Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

“I have both failed and succeeded in various endeavors since I was 16. I love this quote because I have seen lots of people that didn’t have the courage to continue after failure or success. This quote reminds me that I don’t want to be one of them and my vision matters to me more than any short term success or failure!”

Favorite Hobby: “I enjoy reading biographies of different people. I love taking a look at life from someone else’s perspective. It’s like living another life, while also living yours, a truly inspiring and frightening experience.”

Fun/Interesting Fact: “I started living separately when I was 16. This is one of the best lessons of life for me.” – Artash embraces every challenge that life throws at him and no matter if he wins or loses, he always keeps pushing forward.


Hey there! I'm Artash and I'm Chief Happiness Officer at @incredodigital . When I don't work, I take selfie classes and I want to be one of the best selfie photographers in the world. As Aristotle said once "Anybody can become a selfie photographer, that is easy, to be professional to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in a right way - that is not within everybody's power and it is not easy". I'd not be where I am today without drinking #coffee. So let's drink to that I wanted to make a company which could change the world, then I thought it's impossible and we became an inbound marketing agency. Just kidding The definition of #success for me is to measure by how many lives are being impacted by doing business. #yerevan, #armenia, #inbound #inbound2015 #incredo #workhard #fitnessgirls #cardio, #girlswhosquat #doyouevensquat #doyouevenlift #funny #billgates

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Lilit Avetisyan (Social Media Manager)

*Lilit managed our IG campaign and made everyone stick to the rules

Favorite Quote: “There are people that God lives in. There are people that Devil lives in. And there are people that only worms live in".

“I've heard this quote a long time ago and still love it. For me, it means that it doesn't matter what you believe in or if you are good or bad. Just believe in something and have your own vision of life.”

Favorite Hobby: “I love traveling and learning new languages! For me, it's a hobby since I don't learn them for a particular reason, but because I like the process. When I was kid, I had a dream to know and speak every language of every country I visit, so now I'm kind of trying to make my dream come true :))”

Fun/Interesting Fact: “Hmm… Nobody has ever guessed my Age!” – Feel free to email Lilit for the elixir of youth. Prices are negotiable.



Pavel Aramyan (Content Manager)

*Yes I am writing this

Favorite Quote: “Focus on the solution, not the problem”.

When you face a problem, it’s very easy to get lost in thinking how it came up to be? Why did all of this happen to you? What you could do to prevent it and so on. This is all irrelevant. It’s already happened and the problem is already there, you aren’t changing that fact. Focus on the solution, worry about the rest later.”

Favorite Hobby: “I am an E-sports gamer. I have participated in various video gaming contests and never failed to surprise. Relaxation, focus, strategic thinking and quick reactions all in one: what can be better?”

Fun/Interesting Fact: “I am a Doctor with 3 years of practical experience, semi-professional gamer and an inbound marketer. And I am 24. Try to beat that.” - I think its inappropriate to describe myself. 



Jemma Karapetyan (Account Manager)

Favorite Quote: “Love much, Live well, Laugh often”

“My brother gave me a necklace with this quote on it and I have never put it down ever since. I try to live my life following these rules.”

Favorite Hobby: “Biting my bf’s arm. What can be better?”

Fun/Interesting Fact: “Until I was 16 years old, I was afraid of calling people on the phone :D Fortunately, I have overcome this issue.” – A person full of love, life and laughter. I guess those “rules” are a part of her now.



Edgar Andriasyan (Account Manager)

Favorite Quote: “There are no mistakes.” – Sigmund Freud

“Every person acts on his inner motivation that is developed through a journey which not everyone will understand or accept. Judging people according to their "mistakes" is not appropriate and objective for an intellectual person. By identifying "mistakes" in others' actions we just express the limits of our mindfulness, level of liberty and open mindedness. We create artificial distance between us and the person of "mistake". In these liberal and open societies, I think marking and pointing out some "mistakes" will only harm us and harm our environment as well.”

Favorite Hobby: “I like playing the guitar a lot, because it gives me an opportunity to express my creativity and emotions in a pleasant way. By playing, I relieve my sadness and turn it into a joyful moment.”

Fun/Interesting Fact: “At the age of 12, I participated in an intellectual show named “Hay Aspet”, which means Armenian Knight, and won a TV set for our school together with my team.” – Intelligent and wise, though still very young. Interesting mix.



Lusine Grigoryan (Community Manager)

Favorite Quote:People universally tend to think that happiness is a stroke of luck, something that will maybe descend upon you like fine weather if you're fortunate enough. But that's not how happiness works. Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings.”

“This quote reminds me that you have to work very hard every day to achieve happiness and success in life. It’s not something that will happen by itself.”

Favorite Hobby: “I like paragliding. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to learn to fly on my own, but I really enjoy tandem flights. The best thing about paragliding is the feeling of complete freedom when you are in the air.”

Fun/Interesting Fact: “When I was 2 years old, I accidentally fell off from the balcony of our apartment, but didn’t have any injuries after that.” – Miracle girl confirmed



Andranik Yeritsyan (Account Manager)

Favorite Quote: “Whether you think you can or you can't, either way you are right”

Favorite Hobby: “My hobby is horseback riding. There is no animal that understands humans better than a horse. Horses pass me their positive energy and riding once a week helps me be constructive and full of positive energy during the whole week.”

Fun/Interesting Fact: “I did my Bachelors and Masters with honors, but I was getting the lowest grades in the class in 1st class. Nobody expected me to be successful in academic studies, and my parents were really upset about my future.” – Hidden talents are good to have. It’s even better when they are revealed.



Sona Hovhannisyan (Content Writer)

Favorite Quote: “Live the moment, as everything else is uncertain”

“Only in this case you can fully enjoy every single moment of your life.”

Favorite Hobby: “My hobby is making handmade jewelry from modelling clay and painting on them. It's already 3 years that I am doing this and it is the only way I can fully relax.”

Fun/Interesting Fact: “I hate a drink that 83% of adults consume - Coffee!” – Life is too short, you have to enjoy every moment. If you live for each moment, who needs coffee, right?



Spartak Davtyan (Web Developer)

Favorite Quote: “Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.”

“I believe that you shape your future every day, every hour, every minute. Whatever you leave for tomorrow, is only going to drag you back. So just do whatever you have to do, and do it now, today.”

Favorite Hobby: “I enjoy fishing. The flow of the water always relaxes and the pleasant time you spend with friends means a lot to me. Also the first fish that I caught was huge! That was a pleasant surprise.”

Fun/Interesting Fact: “I am always eager to try something new. I have worked as a Jeweler, constructor, Electrician and 8 other different professions, before I became a web developer.” – This guy can do anything. I mean ANYTHING really. Whether it’s a coding problem or you need your office stuff fixed, everything will be done in a heartbeat.



Kristina Tunyan (Intern)

Favorite Quote: “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”

“I truly believe that anything you want can be achieved if you have enough enthusiasm and motivation.”

Favorite Hobby: “I have lots of hobbies: reading, baking, swimming, etc. But I have one most favorite: traveling! There is no use talking about how much I enjoy my journey whenever and wherever I travel.”

Fun/Interesting Fact: “I am the youngest person at incredo.” – Young, pretty, enthusiastic, motivated and eager to learn. If there is something else you want to ask of a girl, I am sure Kristina will meet your expectations.



Melanya Bidzyan (Inbound Marketing Assistant)

 Favorite Quote: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wild

“It always reminds me that each and every one of us is unique and that makes our life/our journey more fascinating and valuable. I believe that staying true to yourself is the only way you can truly be happy. My experience tells me that you shouldn’t worry about what the rest of the world thinks of you. Only you know what is better for you and your future. Never let other people tell you what is right for you. Compare yourself only to yourself. Be original you and never lose your individuality. Never give up on yourself. So, let’s be ourselves, let’s be happy!”

Favorite Hobby: “In my free time I am a volunteer. It helps me make more friends, learn new skills and a great feeling that I am making a difference.”

Fun/Interesting Fact: “When I am angry, I always start to talk in Russian. You can always tell when I am angry.” – You will never truly know what it means to be yourself, until you meet Melanya. The bright personality of hers will make you see rainbows at the darkest nights.




And now the winner is… Nobody! We believe that everybody is a winner and we have to help each other in every aspect of our job. Our team spirit is very high and we all go up together or go down together.

Just kidding, of course there is a winner. How can you NOT have a winner?

The winner is… Everybody! Just Like I said, we are always together. If somebody wins, it’s a team effort. No one is on his/her own here.

Juuuuuuust kidding! Surely, there IS a winner!

And the winner is… Lilit! Yes, she was responsible for the campaign. No, it’s not fabricated. Well, maybe it is, we will never know. 

Her present is in the picture. Can you guess what it is?


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