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10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid During Website Redesign



Incredo “SEO Mistakes to Avoid” guide

What’s in the guide?

Are you unhappy with your website and want to make it from scratch? Is your website unreachable for search engines? A flashy exterior doesn’t help much if the actual machine fails to function. If people can’t find your website via search, and if they can’t intuitively navigate through your site’s pages and easily understand what information those pages contain, then you are in trouble.

Download our guide now and learn what you were doing wrong and how to make it right!

In our guide you will find all about:

Most common mistakes regarding SEO and how to avoid them

Why it is important to audit your website constantly and what you will get from it

Essentials about keywords and how to create them

How to design your website to make it most appealing and why it is crucial

Make your website easy to crawl for search engines

…and much more!

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