Fitness Nutrition Company Gains 103% Website Traffic Increase in 3 Months

bullet-arrowbullet-arrow Social Media Growth +761%
bullet-arrow Organic Search Growth +21%
bullet-arrow Average Monthly Lead Increase +311%
bullet-arrow Over 35% Average Conversion Rates

Executive Summary

Incredo's Actions

bullet-arrow Persona Development
bullet-arrow Keyword Research
bullet-arrow Blogging
bullet-arrow Unique Content Offers
bullet-arrow Well Distinguished Buyer’s Journey
bullet-arrow Social Media Strategy
bullet-arrow Email Lead Nurturing Strategy
bullet-arrow Conversion Paths

The client was using traditional ways of marketing and the “old” way of Internet marketing. They had good products to offer, but lacked the social media support from their industry and were overshadowed by competitors. The client strongly needed a new approach to their Marketing Strategy, specifically, Content Strategy and Social Media Strategy.



About The Client

Fitness and Nutrition Company Client was one of the relatively new companies in their sphere providing weight loss, energy and muscle building nutrition. Their product was truly exceptional, with 90% positive reviews on their website and, but overshadowed by competition. The Client had a steady number of loyal customers, but company growth was insignificant compared to the rest of the industry. Based in San Diego, the Client sold its products via the web and also retail stores all over America including and Walmart.

Marketing Challenges

Before making the Inbound marketing transformation with Hubspot in April 2015 the client was using traditional marketing ways and the “old” way of Internet marketing, with banner adds and annoying pop ups all over. They wanted to become the thought leaders in their industry, help more people with weight and health problems and provide valuable and educational content for their customers. For this purpose the client needed to change their content and social media strategy completely.

The client was really concerned about losing their brand identity in the process and becoming something else for their loyal followers. The quality of the Social Media messages and illustrations always were their top priority. 

How Incredo Helped 

Careful examination of the industry and its thought leaders, their content and social media strategies, specifically, how many Social Media followers they had and how active they were on Social Media, what type of content did they offer and blog about, who were their buyer personas, etc.

Analysis of the client’s current position, content audit to answer questions like what type of content did they offer?, what did they blog about?, their Social Media strategy, buyer personas,  etc.

Incredo discussed the results of their research with the client and after brainstorming for a few days, came up with a Unique offer and Inbound Marketing strategy. Previously, the client was using another platform, Magento, for their website and content, but after they were introduced to Hubspot and the advantages it offered, the migration process begun with the help of Hubspot’s migration team.

Involved the Client’s own in-house marketing team to make the transition to Inbound marketing much smoother and educate them in the Inbound Methodology. 


This is the website visit growth rate during the past 3 months, it is expected to reach 10.000 (200%) visits by the end of 6 of implementing Inbound Marketing and the new Content and Social Media Strategy.



All the analysis, research and brainstorming really paid off.

With the Implementation of Inbound Marketing, new Content Strategy and Social Media Strategy website visits increased by 103% during 3 months and the website rank reached 4.5 million down from 9 million. Social Media traffic grew by 761%, Organic traffic increased by 21%, over 170 Leads generated with the help of the Unique offer, average monthly leads grew by 311%, 71% Conversion rate of the Unique offer Landing Page and over 35.34% average conversion rate on the rest of Landing Pages were achieved in 3 months.

The website traffic was expected to reach 10.000 (200% increase) visits by the end of 6 months after Inbound implementation, while maintaining the steady conversion rates of all offers.

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