17 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2014
Stop using old school SEO techniques which don't work anymore
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SEO best practices are constantly changing and evolving, so it can be hard to keep up with what's true,what's been exaggerated, and what SEO myths have made their way to the forefront.


In fact, Google changes it's algorithm 500-600 times per year and has made 10 major updates already in 2014, so it's easy to guess where SEO myths started from.


In this guide, we separate SEO fact from SEO fiction and highlight 17 of the biggest myths that still seem to find their way into modern strategies.


  • Specifically, we'll answer questions including:
  • Does having a secure, "https" website matter for SEO?
  • What's the deal with Google Authorship?
  • Does Google still care about local search?
  • ...and many more!


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Pavel Aramyan
To say SEO has “changed a lot” would be the understatement of the decade. Just take a look at how Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates shook the world of SEO professionals -- marketers and SEO agencies worldwide halted their link-building and keyword-obsessed ways and swapped them for a long overdue focus on quality content. This guide is going to point out all of the most common myths and assumptions about how SEO works and debunk them for you, so you’re not wasting a single moment on things that simply don’t matter for SEO in 2014. 
Pavel Aramyan
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