[Free Excel Worksheet] Lead Generation Conversion Rate Calculator
Start Generating Enough Leads To Hit Your Revenue Goals
What's in the worksheet?

Incredo is offering you a free Lead Generation Conversion Rate Calculator. Find out your current metrics on lead generation to see if your business is producing expected results, get predictions on further statistics of business, set new goals  for conversion and traffic rates, calculate traffic necessary for a set gross profit and more.

With this lead conversion rate calculator you will be able to:


  • Estimate your existing conversion rates on your website
  • Review your monthly gross profit coming from your website
  • Predict the growth of the sales by increasing your conversion rates
  • Predict the growth of sales by improving your website traffic
  • And much more....

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Artash Arakelyan

Is your business generating enough leads to hit your revenue goals? This calculator will help you to understand how to get better results and grow your business

Artash Arakelyan
Founder and CEO
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