Jumpstart Your SaaS Development with Rapid Prototyping
What is Rapid Prototyping
Rapid prototyping in SaaS development is an early preview method of the final result that lets the team to get a better grasp of what the final product will look like with less time investment. In other words it is a design mockup that has a infrastructure and some interactivity. Especially when outsourcing, rapid prototyping is a great way to make sure both sides are on the same page before starting the actual work.
Why do you need it
Sometimes conceptual ideas turn out not to be a good idea once they are turned into reality. During conceptualization a lot of details aren’t taken into consideration. As a result, certain features and elements might be conflicting or not practical. Rapid prototyping helps to get a better grasp how the final version will look like and how it will function. This method is widely used in the SaaS development to help prevent design and function related issues during the development process and make the process more organized and efficient.
Types of Rapid Prototypes
Low-Fidelity Prototypes
Low-fidelity (lo-fi) prototypes are basic and rough skeletal drafts of what the final product will look like. The prototype only contains some of the visual attributes of the final version. Basic attributes such as shapes of elements, basic visual hierarchy, key content and etc.
  • Rapid! -- It’s possible to create a lo-fi prototype in less than an hour. Thanks to this product teams can easily brainstorm and explore different ideas without much effort.
  • Inexpensive -- Thanks to the simple workflow of lo-fi prototyping, it doesn’t requiremany resources and involvement of many professionals, therefore it requires only a small investment. Clarifying -- Lo-fi prototypes will make the vision clear for both the developers and the stakeholders, and make sure both sides are on the same page.
  • Uncertainty during testing -- Testing functionality is hard for participants to test with lo-fi prototype. You can’t understand what is supposed to work and what isn’t.
  • Limited interactivity -- You can’t convey complex elements like animations and transitions in lo-fi, so with this prototype many features will be left to the imagination.
High-Fidelity Prototypes
One of the greatest benefits of React.js is its rendering speed. When small changes are applied to the tree-structured Document Object Model (DOM), they resonate in the interface. This why React.js uses a Virtual DOM, so all the changes are applied to it first, and then an algorithm calculates the minimal amount of operations needed to be performed on the actual DOM, resulting in optimal rendering times.
  • Effective feedback during testing -- Hi-fi prototypes look like the final result, so usabilitytesting is effective and the team is able to provide meaningful feedbacks.
  • Gives a clear understanding of the final result -- These prototypes are good for demonstrations to clients and stakeholders thanks to its detailed functionality. Good high-fidelity prototypes gets stakeholders excited about the product, in a way that lo-fi prototypes can’t.
  • Testability of elements and interactions -- Thanks to its interactivity, it’s possible to include graphical elements and specific interactions, such as animated transitions.
  • High cost -- Compared to lo-fi prototypes, hi-fi creation costs several resources like time and money.
How we make Rapid Prototypes
Initial Prototyping
First thing we do in prototyping is making sure that we are on the same page with our partner about their requirements and needs. This is followed by a small user research to understand the common needs and behaviors of the potential user base. Once we have the detailed requirements, we start sketching a mockup from scratch. After the sketch is finalized, we move on to low-fidelity prototypes.
Brainstorm by creating rough sketches on paper or whiteboard.
Laying out of skeletal framework with boxes and rough shapes
Colors, typographies, photos and other visual elements are injected into the wireframe.
Some interactive elements are added to the mockup, by stitching screens together for low-fidelity prototypes or adding animations and interactions for mid- or high-fidelity prototypes.
The final prototype version goes to developers to be coded in the prefered language.
Review and Feedback
After we have the first results, it’s time to get feedbacks. First review process starts internally. The team reviews the prototype and analyzes how well it meets the needs and the requirements of the partner. Next stage present the prototype and get feedback from our partners.
Refinement and Prototype Finalization
Based on the feedbacks received and decisions made in the previous stage, we implement the necessary changes and refinements. More finalized the prototype is, more effective and organized the development process will be.
After the prototyping is done, you have the chance to also work with our HubSpot-certified marketing team, who can help with user acquisition and promotion. Our developers and designers also will keep supporting the app after the app is launched for updates.
Why Incredo
Incredo is a SaaS growth agency. For more than 5 years, Incredo helps digital changemakers turn their innovational ideas into reality and present it in the digital space. We’ve successfully worked with dozens of SaaS companies and helped them achieve success.

This is thanks to a team of passionate developers, marketers and designers and Go-Getters who work together proactively to help our partners achieve innovative heights.

Here are the main reasons our partners love to work with us:
Agile Work Ethic
We believe in agile transformations and place great emphasis on visibility and incremental delivery. By adhering to agile metrics, short feedback loops, and test- driven development, we make sure to deliver working software at the end of each iteration, inspecting it, and continuing to adapt it to our clients’ needs throughout the development process.
Strong Communication Strategy
The flow of information between the teams and the client should be unbroken, to make sure that the vision for the project is clear for everyone who is involved in making the project a reality.
Experience in Wide Range of SaaS Segments
We are not limited to any particular niche. For the recent years, our team has provided solutions for a wide spectrum of SaaS segments and are well versed in their particular needs. With us, you are sure to get a solution that will cater to your unique equirements.
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