Some say advertising doesn’t work and it’s a waste of resources.

We, as a google partner,

can prove them wrong.

Digital advertising has, is and always will be one of the most efficient marketing tactics. Our clients enjoy a 44% conversion boost, and a 51% increase in sales on average. Incredo is highly experienced in managing multiple advertising networks and the results we deliver are always formidable – regardless of the platform we use.
Google Adwords
Google Adwords
Google Adwords is perfect for businesses that have a low online presence and struggle with organic search, yet want to build their user base quickly and efficiently. Adwords allows you to choose and focus on a set of keywords, which will help create a strong online presence around specific topics, and expand your business in just a matter of weeks. 
Facebook Ads
Being the largest social media network, Facebook allows businesses to target a very specific audience segment due to its exceptional targeting capabilities, and reach just the people you are looking for. With a variety of ads including visual, text and video, Facebook ads are an amazing opportunity to boost your bottom of the funnel conversions and acquire new qualified leads.
Twitter Ads
If you want to create a positive buzz and raise brand awareness, Twitter ads are what you should be looking for. The exponential targeting system of Twitter ads allows businesses to target users based on the accounts they follow, as well as different types of keywords and hashtags, granting you maximum reach and online exposure.
Instagram Ads
Instagram has always been the visual social media platform, and Instagram Ads tend to support that title in both image and video format. With more than 500 million users, Instagram Ads offer businesses everything from increasing brand awareness to boosting website visits, conversions and driving purchase intent.
Linkedin Ads
In a more strict business environment, LinkedIn ads help businesses generate visitors and leads that are usually more qualified compared to other platforms, but grant less reach, brand exposure and visibility. LinkedIn ads are perfect for increasing conversions and sales, and work by redirecting people to your website or specific landing page.
Yandex Ads
If you are targeting the Russian market, it’s a must to use the local alternative to Google (around 80% of Russian SEO is dominated by Yandex). Yandex ads work pretty much the same as Google Adwords, but are specifically targeted towards the Russian audience and utilize Yandex – the largest search engine in the Russian digital market.
Retargeting ads are served to people who have previously visited your website, but never completed a purchase, to remind them about your brand in the most positive and delightful way. This is an excellent way for businesses to solve their low conversion and sales issues, while having a lot of website traffic that doesn’t work as intended.
Other Networks
Other Networks
Incredo has extensive experience in utilizing most advertising networks out there. While the platforms mentioned above are the most popular among our clients, we always conduct a detailed research for each client to determine the best possible ad network for each specific case, and make sure your money is put to its best use.
The process
We have an established, proven and simple process of onboarding each new client for developing and implementing digital ad campaigns, regardless of platform and budget. Here is what we do, and what you get:
Complete transparency
Complete transparency
Every step and action we take will always be documented and recorded and communicated to you. We strongly believe that healthy business relations are fundamental to success, and complete transparency is the most important step to get there.
Account Review
Account review and goal setting
We review your current advertising accounts and set goals based on what you need to achieve with the help of advertising.
Account structure
Account structure and restructure
It’s important to structure your account correctly, so you can easily access and understand all strategic and important data and metrics.
Dedicated account manager
Dedicated account manager
Each client always has a dedicated account manager, who is responsible for the most efficient budget management and delivering highest possible results.
Buyer's journey
Buyer’s Journey recommendations
Based on your goals, we provide detailed recommendations for every stage of the Buyer’s Journey to help you maximize your advertising ROI.
Creative messaging
Creative messaging and content optimization
Creativity is what makes advertising work. We tailor the most impactful messages to each specific audience and optimize ad content for conversions and sales.
We track each success metric (visits, conversions, calls, etc.) based on the goals set to show you exactly how well does every campaign perform.
Detailed performance reporting
Detailed performance reporting
Every week, we provide a detailed report of all the campaigns, making sure you stay updated with every success we make.
Advertising vs Inbound

While inbound marketing offers a steadily increasing stream of leads and visitors over a long period of time, there are cases, industries and verticals when digital advertising simply outperforms inbound, especially if you are on a tight budget or need results since yesterday.


Instead of comparing the two methods, we offer our clients a combination of investing in both organic and paid traffic, which helps satisfy short term goals with the help of ads, while simultaneously working towards long term feats with the help of inbound marketing.

Ads VS Inbound
Our pricing Model
The pricing varies from case to case and is tailored to each client individually, but generally works based on a formula of a fixed fee plus a percentage of spent budget.
Monthly Advertising Spend
Cost Structure
$850 fixed + 20% of spend
$850 fixed + 16% of spend
$850 fixed + 13% of spend
10.000 +
$850 fixed + 10% of spend
How to choose the right budget?

The right budget depends on your industry, business specifics, current website conditions and your growth goals (how aggressively you want to grow). It’s a unique matter for each business and needs to be analyzed by a specialist. Schedule a consultation?

What metrics are the most important?

The most important metric from your perspective is the ROI, since the same CPA for two different clients can mean both positive and negative ROI.

If you want to go deeper, consider metrics like CPC, CPM, CTR, etc.

Why am I supposed to make changes to my website before starting the ads?

The reason is optimization and alignment. If you don’t make corresponding website changes, it’s the same as organizing TV commercials for your local store, but keeping your store closed. Customers simply won’t be able to buy anything.

Who works with you
Incredo’s highly qualified and experienced team offers over six years of digital advertising expertise to clients and delivers real results. Here at Incredo there are avid PPCers and Google Certified Partners. We love and explore all things digital, and successfully managing various advertising platforms are among our Ace cards.
Ready for some big ad campaigns?
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