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What is React.js used for?
React.js is an open-source JavaScript library that allows developers to build large-scale applications that can change and update data without reloading the page every time. It has quickly became one of the most popular JS libraries in the world. Created by Facebook, React.js has a great deal to offer – great-looking user interfaces, faster page loading speeds, SEO friendliness, code reusability and many more.
React.js is especially handy when building single page applications (SPA) that need to be fast, user-friendly, and responsive. Several years ago, before SPAs, each user interaction would require the entire page to reload so that the browser would then render the updated page. React.js eliminates the need to do that.
The list of companies using React.js continues to grow. It is now utilized by giants such as Facebook, reddit, The New York Times, Netflix, Salesforce, and others.
Famous companies that use React.js
Why use React.js for your app?
Quick implementation
React.js has a component-based structure, which are like Lego pieces that developers put together when building an app. They start with small components, which then they use to build bigger ones. Once a component is built, it can be reused over and over. This not only saves developers copious amounts of time, it also ensures a consistent look and feel for the project.
Fast rendering
One of the greatest benefits of React.js is its rendering speed. When small changes are applied to the tree-structured Document Object Model (DOM), they resonate in the interface. This why React.js uses a Virtual DOM, so all the changes are applied to it first, and then an algorithm calculates the minimal amount of operations needed to be performed on the actual DOM, resulting in optimal rendering times.
Easier debugging
React.js comes with an impressive set of debugging tools. Developers appreciate the thoroughly descriptive warnings that React.js provides, which tell them what exactly went wrong. As a result, bug fixes become quick and easy.
Clean abstractions
When working with React.js, users are not exposed to any complicated internals. Without imposing any architecture or pattern, React.js provides clean abstractions so that users only need to understand the essence of components to accomplish what they need.
Search engines typically have a problem reading JavaScript, but React.js is an exception to this rule – it can be run on the server, enabling the DOM, which provides the logical structure of pages to be rendered as a regular webpage that search engine crawlers can easily understand. As a result, React.js also reduces page load time, which is one of the major factors for SEO.
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