A1 Bowling
About Client

Since its founding in 1980, A1 Bowling has been manufacturing high-quality carpet belts and rubber parts for bowling. They have supplied superior equipment to bowling lanes around the world. As a modern-day business, A1 bowling connects with their customers with an ecommerce store which we had the honor to design.


A1 Bowling's had a minimal ecommerce solution with unremarkable design and poor image quality. The products were not featured the way they deserve and the layout was not good enough to ensure a smooth user experience in the website. As a result, our client had trouble attracting new visitors and getting them explore their products.


After conducting a deep competitor research and studying the website design trends for this specific industry, our team designed and developed an eye-catching and fully functional ecommerce site. We created an easy-manageable product inventory, and integrated various bank APIs in the website to provide customized payment options.

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