Phoenix Energy
About Client

Phoenix Energy is our Green client. They provide renewable energy supply and intelligent energy management options both for businesses and residential buildings. Their experts analyze energy costs and provide tailored solutions for maximizing energy efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the environment.


The major pain point on Phoenix Energy’s website was their blog. While quite rich in quality content, it was a hard-coded blog without any remarkable design solutions and UX/UI. Posts were not effectively tagged and categorized. As a result, it was not easy for readers to find the specific topics they were interested in and the overall blog performance was low.


Our development team designed and developed a brand new blog from scratch, with a beautiful layout and the right UX solutions. We organized the blog topics into several categories to make it easier for the readers to find specific posts and increase blog readability. We also created Services and Contact pages, as well as new landing pages to maximize the conversion rates.

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