About Client

VoxSmart is an award winning multichannel mobile compliance platform. They provide a comprehensive software that natively captures, records, stores and analyses mobile communication across any mobile network and mobile platform in the world.


Despite the forward-looking software solutions they provide, VoxSmart didn’t have a Services page on their website. As a result, they were not able to give the site visitors a top-level view of what they do and outline the true value of their services. In addition, the lack of CTAs and conversion points reduced the visitors´ chances to make an enquiry about the software and then make a purchase.


Staying committed to VoxSmart’s design and style guidelines, our development team created a Services page with elaborate imagery, insightful content and powerful CTAs. Then, we created separate landing pages for each of their services, providing more opportunities to convert visitors into leads. The new Services page became the extension of our client’s brand, and the shortage of Sales Qualified Leads is now in the past.

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